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Best practices to improve Resource Engagements performance

There’s been feedback that¬†Project Online customers were experiencing page load delays and timeouts when trying to view Resource Requests. To address this, last month Microsoft published Best practices to improve Resource Engagements performance. This article provides customers with methods of preventing these errors, such as creating views that will help them to display only the proposed Resource Requests for users they manage.¬†

Training and video links

Here are a number of useful links to help with understanding Project & Project Online in a little more detail.

Useful books ‚Äď they‚Äôre for 2013 but they will cover 98% of 2016

Create and manage up to 30,000 projects in Project Online

I’m pleased to be able to provide details of scaling and performance updates that the product team has announced today (3rd April 2017).  Please review the links below and speak to your deployment Partner, or me, if you have any questions.

30K Project Blog Post

Tune Project Online performance