Why Project Online #1

Why would you choose Project Online?  Let’s assume you’ve made the decision to improve how you manage and approach portfolio / programme / project management (which is a topic in itself).

As an organisation you’re spending time reviewing your processes and working practices, in light of your requirements and aspirations.  Now you’re looking for some tools to help support these changes.

Project Online provides a number of capabilities that can be deployed, preferably through a staged approach.  At a high level these capabilities include:

  • Portfolio Management / Selection & Prioritisation (a very short hand description!)
  • Resource forecasting & management
  • Project scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Reporting & BI
  • Collaboration across teams

I will be looking at the various capabilities over the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime, using Project Online and working with a suitably qualified Microsoft Partner, can help you deploy the toolset in a shorter timeframe.

This can seriously reduce upfront CAPEX that may be required to get an environment up and running (licenses, virtualised or hardware infrastructure).  At the same time, your  partner should be able to provide an OPEX approach to deployment and on-going support, in the same way that your organisation is obtaining Project Online.



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