Where did the BI Center site go in Project Online?

Recent improvements to Project Online include easier access to sample reports and data connections. The Business Intelligence (BI) Center site will no longer be created automatically for new Project Online sites, and new lists/libraries are used for reporting content.

Read this article to learn more about these changes, including what to do if you want to continue using your old BI Center site.

Replicate Project Online Reporting Data to a SQL Server database using the OData protocol

This link describes how you can use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to replicate your reporting data from Project Online to a separate SQL Server database, using the Open Data protocol (OData).

It explains how to install the add-on, the high level details of the replication process and how to get started in Visual Studio with the Integration Services project template to create a project that automatically pulls your data based on a schedule.

While Project Online: SSIS package for OData delta sync provides an example SSIS package that demonstrates how to perform a delta sync to reduce download times. The package retrieves Project Web App (PWA) data only for projects that changed since the last sync. This sample applies to Project Online reporting when report data is replicated to a local SQL Server database.

The Cloud Is Very Real. Here’s A Peek Inside.

From the website – click to view the trailer

“It’s easy to glibly assume that bits and atoms have nothing in common. “The cloud” is some vaporous never-never land where all our photos and documents and emails live. It’s everywhere and nowhere!

Actually, it’s neither. It’s in data centers. Hulking, power-hungry, server-stuffed data centers. Every single one of those billions upon billions of weightless bits rely on corresponding physical substrates, somewhere.

Timo Arnall, a filmmaker and design researcher who has collaborated on some of Berg design’s most interesting work, has created a large-format documentary film called Internet Machine, which takes viewers inside “the cloud” and exposes its very real, and very weird, inner features.”

Garage Series: How Microsoft safeguards your data in Office 365

In this special edition of Garage Series Live Under the Hood, Jeremy Chapman goes deep on the operational side of information protection with lead engineer Matt Swann – from Office 365’s blue team – responsible for detecting and analyzing anomalies in the service. They discuss how the service is architected for security across physical, network, access and data vectors then Matt demonstrates how the cloud is used to protect the cloud with real intrusion and anomaly detection examples.

View the video here: Safeguarding your Data in the Office 365