Project Online: Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online

Microsoft are just rolling out some changes – and they should be hitting all Project Online tenant sites by now – which allow for Project notifications and reminders to be sent to accounts outside of Exchange Online.

As long as you have a ‘Work email’ configured with the desired address for the user they can get alerts for new task assignments and various levels of reminders.  There is a setting that governs notifications working even if you do have Exchange Online – and this would need turning on too – so I’ll start with there.

Go to PWA Settings, Additional Server Settings and scroll right down to the bottom – and the Turn on notifications option will be found.  Check the box if it isn’t already checked.

Full blog post here:

Project Online: Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online


Project updates at Ignite 2016

It was an exciting week for Project at Ignite 2016. We had some great sessions, which are now available online. If you were not able to attend Ignite, these online sessions provide a great overview of the latest happenings in the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management space.

Along with these sessions, we also had engaging discussions with several attendees at the Project booth. We take all the feedback and use it to improve our product. As always, please continue to engage with us and provide feedback through our UserVoice site.