Is the Hybrid Methodology the Future of Project Management?

In the past few years, agile methodologies have become more popular. Until recently, the prevalent view in the project management community was that the growth in acceptance of agile has been at the expense of waterfall. In other words, agile and waterfall are two fundamentally different approaches to project management. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and in different scenarios each is relevant.

David Robins

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Connecting Project desktop client to Project Online – 2013 deprecated

Update 30th January 2017: Deadline extended to 30th June 2017

As of the 28th February 2017 the following versions of Project will no longer be able to connect to Project Online

  1. Project Professional 2013
  2. Project (Pro) for Office 365 (2013)

You will need to have deployed the following to connect Project to Project Online

  1. Project Professional 2016
  2. Project for Office 365 (2016) aka Project Online Professional / Project Online Premium

You should carefully review and read the full article:

This is what worked for me (I haven’t tried other combinations) from a clean install:

OPP = Office Pro Plus (the click-t0-run version of Office)

  1. Installed OPP2013 (2013) & Project for Office 365 (2013)
  2. Installed Project 2016 which upgraded OPP to 2016 (no choice)
  3. Uninstalled OPP 2016
  4. Re-installed OPP2013
  5. Now I have Project Online Desktop Client 2016 & Office 2013

I have not tried this via SCCM or similar deployment methods.

Updates to follow (5 JAN 17)