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I’m pleased to be able to provide details of scaling and performance updates that the product team has announced today (3rd April 2017).  Please review the links below and speak to your deployment Partner, or me, if you have any questions.

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Tune Project Online performance


Project / Project Server 2007 End of Life

The End of life (EOL) for Project 2007 applications and server takes effect on October 10, 2017.

Read the full article: Project Server 2007 End of Life Roadmap

What does End of Life mean?

Project Server, like almost all Microsoft products, has a support lifecycle during which we provide new features, bug fixes, security fixes, and so on. This lifecycle typically lasts for 10 years from the date of the product’s initial release, and the end of this lifecycle is known as the product’s End of Life. When Project Server 2007 reaches its End of Life on October 10, 2017, Microsoft will no longer provide:

  • Technical support for problems that may occur.
  • Bug fixes for issues that are discovered and that may impact the stability and usability of the server.
  • Security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered and that may make the server vulnerable to security breaches.
  • Time zone updates.

Your installation of Project Server 2007 will continue to run after this date. However, because of the changes listed above, we strongly recommend that you migrate from Project Server 2007 as soon as possible.

What are my options?

If you are using Project Server 2007, you need to explore your migration options, which are:

  • Migrate to Project Online
  • Migrate to a newer on-premises version of Project Server (preferably Project Server 2016).

Read the full article: Project Server 2007 End of Life Roadmap

Is the Hybrid Methodology the Future of Project Management?

In the past few years, agile methodologies have become more popular. Until recently, the prevalent view in the project management community was that the growth in acceptance of agile has been at the expense of waterfall. In other words, agile and waterfall are two fundamentally different approaches to project management. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and in different scenarios each is relevant.

David Robins

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Connecting Project desktop client to Project Online – 2013 deprecated

Update 30th January 2017: Deadline extended to 30th June 2017

As of the 28th February 2017 the following versions of Project will no longer be able to connect to Project Online

  1. Project Professional 2013
  2. Project (Pro) for Office 365 (2013)

You will need to have deployed the following to connect Project to Project Online

  1. Project Professional 2016
  2. Project for Office 365 (2016) aka Project Online Professional / Project Online Premium

You should carefully review and read the full article:

This is what worked for me (I haven’t tried other combinations) from a clean install:

OPP = Office Pro Plus (the click-t0-run version of Office)

  1. Installed OPP2013 (2013) & Project for Office 365 (2013)
  2. Installed Project 2016 which upgraded OPP to 2016 (no choice)
  3. Uninstalled OPP 2016
  4. Re-installed OPP2013
  5. Now I have Project Online Desktop Client 2016 & Office 2013

I have not tried this via SCCM or similar deployment methods.

Updates to follow (5 JAN 17)

Abanca centralizes management of their projects with Microsoft Project Online

The company, a major financial institution in the Spanish market, with a presence in nine countries, will benefit from the possibilities offered by Microsoft Project Online.

Abanca is reinforcing its commitment to Microsoft and continues the transformation of the business model within its commercial network.

Abanca has chosen Microsoft Project Online, the PPM (Project Portfolio Management) of Office 365 for managing their portfolio of projects, with the aim of providing a centralized management of its corporate portfolio. The financial institution, present in eight other countries (France, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Venezuela and Germany), has a strong commitment to a service model that reconciles the best of traditional banking with the attributes of a bench edge.

The ultimate goal of Abanca is to offer a unique service to its customers and therefore needed to strengthen the alignment of its portfolio with strategic objectives, improve visibility of the execution of portfolio for informed decision-making at the right time, increase the productivity of project teams and rationalize the use of resources.

With that premise, Abanca, which already manages its project portfolio through Microsoft Project Server on-premisesdecided to take advantage of the management capabilities provided by the latest version of Project Online.  This has allowed Abanca to improve management of its portfolio of services and operational. Abanca opted for this solution as a logical step in its growth that also meets the objective of facilitating the integration of the service with other bank systems.

During the second half of 2015, supported by Aula Informatica Complutense, a Microsoft Partner, it began the implementation of Microsoft Project Online in Abanca.  The project was carried out in phases during which users were adapting to the different capabilities of the solution gradually. All this thanks to the creation of two associated sub-implementations: one for parameterization and configuration of the tool; and another to update the interfaces with other systems in the bank. This has allowed no breaks in the daily operations of the organization during transition.

Abanca also expressed their willingness to continue working on this tool in order to reach a comprehensive solution for managing the corporate portfolio, from which an initiative is born until it closes, certifying the return on investment.

A great advantage of Project Online is that senior management can have an updated each project report, obtaining a global view.” said Juan Manuel Sánchez-Quinzá, director of the Project Office. “Before we invested considerable time and resources in creating these reports. Now the address information is quick and agile without forgetting safety for us is key.” he stressed.

Microsoft Project Online: flexibility, immediacy and safety

Microsoft Project Online is a flexible, cloud solution for managing project portfolios . Project Online, available through Office 365, enables organizations to get going, plan their activities, prioritize investment project portfolios and deliver the expected business value from virtually anywhere and on almost any device. All this with the benefits of not having to undertake an investment in infrastructure.

In addition, Project Online offers a level of security and privacy to respond to organizations of any size, with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and compliance with a growing list of certification standards such as FISMA, ISO 27001 and HIPAA.

Original article:

Project Online: Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online

Microsoft are just rolling out some changes – and they should be hitting all Project Online tenant sites by now – which allow for Project notifications and reminders to be sent to accounts outside of Exchange Online.

As long as you have a ‘Work email’ configured with the desired address for the user they can get alerts for new task assignments and various levels of reminders.  There is a setting that governs notifications working even if you do have Exchange Online – and this would need turning on too – so I’ll start with there.

Go to PWA Settings, Additional Server Settings and scroll right down to the bottom – and the Turn on notifications option will be found.  Check the box if it isn’t already checked.

Full blog post here:

Project Online: Notifications even if you don’t have Exchange Online


Project updates at Ignite 2016

It was an exciting week for Project at Ignite 2016. We had some great sessions, which are now available online. If you were not able to attend Ignite, these online sessions provide a great overview of the latest happenings in the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management space.

Along with these sessions, we also had engaging discussions with several attendees at the Project booth. We take all the feedback and use it to improve our product. As always, please continue to engage with us and provide feedback through our UserVoice site.