Tune and optimize performance of your Office 365 connection

Microsoft has announced new resources to help Office 365 customers receive optimal performance when connecting to Office 365. As a software as a service (SaaS) offering, Office 365 has a number of layers between the servers that Microsoft manages, and the end user.


Project Challenge 14/15 October 2014

I will be at Project Challenge, London Olympia, on Tuesday and Wednesday 14/15th of October.

During the show my colleagues and I from TPG The Project Group will be available to discuss and demonstrate Project Online, Project Server, Project Web App, and Project (desktop).

We will also be available to discuss and demonstrate TPG products for integration with line of business systems, and products that extend Microsoft Project, Project Online and Project Server.

TPG’s customer – Orange Business Services – will be presenting on Tuesday 14 October 2014 at 11:30

“How Orange consolidated and integrated multiple data streams in to a single global project solution” with Graham Freak, Global PPM Practice and Des White, Global PPM Practice

The Cloud Is Very Real. Here’s A Peek Inside.

From the website – click to view the trailer

“It’s easy to glibly assume that bits and atoms have nothing in common. “The cloud” is some vaporous never-never land where all our photos and documents and emails live. It’s everywhere and nowhere!

Actually, it’s neither. It’s in data centers. Hulking, power-hungry, server-stuffed data centers. Every single one of those billions upon billions of weightless bits rely on corresponding physical substrates, somewhere.

Timo Arnall, a filmmaker and design researcher who has collaborated on some of Berg design’s most interesting work, has created a large-format documentary film called Internet Machine, which takes viewers inside “the cloud” and exposes its very real, and very weird, inner features.”